Relaxation & Meditation MEGA PACK (30 Albums, over 23 hours​!​)

by Piotr Janeczek & Ashaneen


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Ambient / New Age / Cinematic MEGA Pack with 30 amazing albums (as separate tracks). Over 23 hours of high quality soundscapes and backgrounds for relaxation, meditation, healing, massage and for any audio/video/cinematic projects.

This amazing MEGA Pack contains all albums from Piotr Janeczek (Ashaneen):
- 12 albums (only music)
- 6 albums (music with nature sounds)
- 8 albums (only nature sounds)
- 3 albums (nature sounds with Binaural Beats)
- 1 album (music with Binaural Beats)
- 4 bonus tracks

This high quality relaxation soundscapes and backgrounds is effective in achieving an ambiance of calm and harmony which is enough to make an individual feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed amidst life's daily rigors and challenges. Listening to his relaxing music has been a proven method when it comes to stress relief and energy rejuvenation.

Piotr Janeczek (Ashaneen), the composer and producer of this unique recordings, constantly working with the specialists of music therapy, hypnosis, psychotherapy, healing, and creates recordings that optimally support the process of relaxation to restore the balance of mental, emotional and physical health.

Blending spacey atmospheres and ethereal worlds, dreamy choirs and distant voices, his mysterious and tranquil soundscapes are widely used as excellent music backgrounds in a variety of relaxation, meditation, healing, massage, sleep, hypnosis and psychoterapeutic sessions, spa and wellness purposes, insomnia & sleeplessness, tinnitus, stress & anxiety relief, pain relief. For example, one of these recordings have been used as music background in the online guided meditation program by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey called "Oprah & Deepak's 21-Day Meditation Experience: Desire & Destiny".

In addition to relaxation and meditation, these tracks also work perfectly for documentary, film and audio-video projects involving space, science, wildlife, nature, travel, cultural, history, human relationships, mind and awareness, paranormal and mystical, science-fiction and fantasy themes. For example, one of these recordings have been used in the award-winning documentary "Young Ice" (as well in Official Trailer), created by filmmaker Derek Hallquist from Green River Pictures (winner of the 2012 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for the US Documentary Competition).

Approx. time: 23 hours 13 minutes

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This MEGA PACK is for private use only. For public and commercial use you need purchase a Royalty Free License (available on this site).

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released August 17, 2014



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Piotr Janeczek (Ashaneen) Warsaw, Poland

Piotr Janeczek aka Ashaneen ( aka Inner Peace is a music composer & producer from Poland, specializing in New Age, Ambient, Cinematic, Space Music and Nature Soundscapes. His music blends amazing calm and mysterious ambient soundscapes and spacey atmospheres.

All music by Piotr Janeczek are available for commercial licensing (for more info please contact).
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